“If you don’t take time for exercise, you will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”

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Every cell is like a miniature electrical generator. Our brain sends electrical impulses to the muscles. Our strength and endurance is dependent upon the energy that flows through the body. We are electric beings. The electrical capability is dependent on the minerals in around our cells.

To keep the cellular generators going they must have oxygen to convert glucose into energy. The Potassium (K+) must be greater than the Sodium (Na+) inside the cells. This creates a Sodium-Potassium pump with negative pressure. The purpose of the pump is to bring minerals and nutrients into the cell and to pull excess sodium out of the cells. This is the key to the electrical energy of healthy cells. Excess fluid and Sodium (Na+) around the cells can cause serious health issues. This is called extracellular fluid. This could be compared to having too much water drowning a garden or a crop. It’s important our body is able to maintain a negative pressure without excess fluid. This was referred to as the “dry state” by Dr. Samuel West of the International Society of Lymphology. If the cells were bathing in excessive fluid it creates a swamp like stagnant condition.



Trapped Blood Proteins

The blood stream causes blood proteins to seep through the pores of blood capillaries to the space outside the cells. The blood proteins must then be removed by the lymphatic system.

If the lymphatic system becomes sluggish and cannot move the trapped blood proteins out, there will be health consequences. In fact, trapped blood proteins that are not moved out can cause death. Flow of lymphatic fluid is critical. The lymphatic system is the sewage system of the body removing toxins and excess fluid.

Trapped blood proteins will attract Sodium (Na+) which will then pull water from the bloodstream and cause excess fluid around the cells (extracellular fluid). The blood is 90% water and which is necessary to deliver oxygen. The delicate balance of Potassium (K+) and Sodium (Na+) will be disrupted and the cells will have difficulty receiving oxygen. The result will be lack of energy, inflammation, pain, and eventually disease and cellular death. When the energy field around the cells is reduced, the cells begin to stick together creating clumps and long chains. This makes it difficult for the cells to move through the lymphatic system. The cells are designed to flow through the system one by one.

Another cause of trapped blood proteins is stress. In the IMAGINE section of this website I detail how our stress level is directly related to our thoughts. Our thoughts control our attitude and our emotions. Toxic emotions cause a shock-like effect on the body.



Solutions for Trapped Blood Proteins

It’s obvious that the key to prevent or reverse disease must include keeping the lymphatic system flowing to remove trapped blood proteins. But how do we do this? There are several factors. First we must move! Physical exercise is the most affordable and available means of keeping the lymphatic system flowing. Keep in mind that the lymphatic system does not have any pumps so we must generate the flow through movement. The most effective exercise may be rebounding on a trampoline. Besides activity, lymphatic flow can be accomplished manually through massage. Specialized practitioners are specifically trained in lymphatic drainage. This massage is unique from a typical massage because it requires a soft gentle touch over the skin. Vibrating platforms are also available for home use which shake the body in attempt to get the trapped blood proteins flowing.

Nutritionally we can decrease trapped blood proteins with a healthy diet, ionic water, raw juices, essential oils and mineral supplements. The foods that encourage trapped blood proteins are sugar, dairy, red meat. These should be avoided. Essential oils or living herbs also have a measurable frequency. You can learn more about this in the ESSENTIALS section. In the HYDRATE section of this site, you will learn how alkaline and ionized water helps keep the cells hydrated and brings oxygen to the cells. The negative ions act as antioxidants and help pull toxins out of the body.

Electricity also dissipates trapped blood proteins and turns the generators on at the cellular level. This is where the role of “electrical medicine” tools become useful. You can learn more about these tools in the TUNE IN section of this website.

As you can see the concept of “FLOW” is a unique necessity that incorporates the lifestyle and tools that I use on a daily basis. As you start to put the pieces of the puzzle together you can see they are all connected. Our bodies were created for movement and this is one of the great keys to health and wellness.


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