Change Your Water Change Your Life

Dr. Meaghan and Wendy welcome Julie Roberts and Debbie Carlson to talk about the benefits of ionized water.   They have both incorporated this into their lifestyle and what benefits they have seen. It is interesting to note that Gerson Therapy has now incorporated Kangen water into their therapy.

Kangen water is ionized water that has three major benefits:

  1. Alkaline pH- The alkaline pH allows the body to fight off acidity in the body and function in a more optimal pH level. This allows cells to hydrate better and function in a more optimal range.
  1. Antioxidant and ORP benefits. We can look at ORP readings to see the level of antioxidant that something possesses. Being in the negative means that it has an antioxidant effect, while being in the positive means that it causes oxidative stress. Almost all other drinks including tap water, soda, and fruit juices have a positive ORP and causes oxidative stress. Kangen ionized water actually has a negative ORP and helps to combat free radical stress on the body.
  1. Microclustering. The ionization actually changes the shape of the water allowing it to penetrate cells more readily. This leads to more cell hydration and allows the water to be pushed into the cell.