RIFE technology is not new. It’s named after Dr Royal Rife who was an American inventor in the 1930’s. Dr Rife used an optical microscope that allowed him to observe microscopic organisms. In his continued experiments he showed that everything has a measurable vibration. He also claimed that using another one of his inventions he could weaken or destroy pathogens by energetically vibrating them to destruction. Each organism would respond to a different frequency. Rife ended his career due to a conspiracy involving the American Medical Association. Interest in Rife’s technology has revived in many “alternative” circles as people search for useful therapies for his technology. Rife machines are currently not FDA approved so no claims can be made that they can cure or heal any disease.

Here is some examples of how this technology works. A crystal glass vibrates at about 552 cycles per second (Hz). If you remember the Ella Fitzgerald Memorex commercial years ago, she demonstrated that with the correct pitch she could shatter the glass. You can also think of a microwave that operates with frequency. The microwave is tuned to the molecular frequency of water. This causes the water to vibrate violently and creates heat. You’ll notice paper is not affected because the microwave is tuned to the frequency of water.

The difference between a microwave and a RIFE machine is the microwave generates heat whereas RIFE machines generate mechanical vibration without creating destructive heat. RIFE technology, in theory, allows the user to specifically tune to frequencies to affect specific bacteria or virus without affecting other organisms. This technology is fascinating and worthy of extensive study. The application possibilities could be endless.

Scientists are continuing the study of RIFE technology. It’s important to remember that all RIFE machine’s are not created equal. There are devices in the market today that are simply powered by sound cards. These devices may use the name “RIFE”, but their effectiveness is in question. If you are interested in studying or experimenting with RIFE technology do your homework and chose a reputable source.

I personally experimented with RIFE technology on myself in my journey with chronic and advanced stage Lyme disease. If you would like to learn more about my personal story please contact me at originalrx@me.com

The story of Dr Royal Rife