Personalizing your approach to wellness.

fingerprint-splashWe are living in exciting times when new knowledge of epigenetics is opening doors to disease prevention and management. We can no longer trust “one size fits all” protocols. We must address each individual’s unique genetics and exposures to create a bioindiviualized programs. Epigenetics is a breakthrough in how we address disease and emotional dysfunction!

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Where to begin:

atelier-immunity-projectThe first step to determining what makes you unique involves understanding your genetic makeup.  I recommend taking the 23 and me genetic profile test followed by thorough analysis by a properly trained genetic counselor.  Start by ordering your test here:

After you have received your email that your results are complete (4-6 weeks), you can contact me for a genetic consultation.  It’s very important that you look at the big picture when analyzing the results.  Our bodies work as a whole being, therefore, you cannot isolate individual mutations as one will affect another.
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How is genetic consultation helpful?

There is no point in understanding your genetic make up if you there is nothing that can be done about it.  Fortunately we can apply epigenetic knowledge to address issues nutritionally and through personalized supplementation.  Contact me at to set up your consultation today.

For an easy to understand, yet in depth explanation of the Methylation system people take the course co-autored by Julie Roberts and Dr Meaghan Kirschling. There is no timeline to complete the course and it will serve as an ongoing resource to help you understand your unique genetic disposition.

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