TUNE IN: What in the World is “Electric Medicine”?

When I use the term “electric medicine”, I include,  micro-current biofeedback, vibrational therapy (RIFE), pulsed electro magnetic field (PEMF).  These may be terms you have not heard before so I will break them down for you to give you a basic understanding.  In my opinion this is the wave of the future for health and wellness.


The Body Electric

You may never have thought about your body being electric, however, you will discover that all living organisms have a measurable charge.  In the cellular membrane we find the sodium / potassium pump which generates ions.  It continually pumps sodium out of the cells and potassium into the cells.  It’s critical that these pumps function properly.  Human voltage should be negative.  There will be a slight imbalance between potassium (negative) and sodium (positive) ions inside and outside the cell membrane.  The human body can generate between 1—100 millivolts.  Think about the first thing a medical team will do if the heart stops beating… they will jolt the body with electricity.  To learn more about the bodies electrical system visit the FLOW section of this website.



Going Back to Origins

Are you wondering how electricity is a “natural” therapy?  The frequency of the earth is approximately 7.83 Hz, but this frequency can vary slightly.  This is called “Schumann Resonance”.  This frequency is “original” because it was designed by our creator to be perfect for humans on earth.  NASA learned when astronauts leave the surface of the earth they require this frequency or they will experience sickness and bone loss. You will learn more about this when we talk about “PEMF” or Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field.

Unfortunately our world has been abused, polluted and moved into a direction far from the Creators original design.  Electro smog from cell phones, microwaves, wifi and other electronic devices has caused significant damage to our health.  For this reason we are not always able to benefit from frequencies that are natural.  This is where modern technology comes in as we discover what the body needs electrically.

It’s also amazing to learn that essential oils have specific measurable frequencies which makes them effective for wellness.  You can learn more about the frequency of essential oils in the Nourishment section under ESSENTIALS section of this website.  Raw foods also contain negative ions which is one of the effective benefits of juicing.  Negative ions = antioxidant.  This helps to scavenge free radicals that oxidize and age us.

Another example of frequency in it’s original form is when we look at water from it’s natural source.  If we lived in Lourdes France or Fiji we could benefit form alkaline and negatively charged water.  Unfortunately you cannot bottle the negative charge, because it can only hold it’s charge for a few days.  Civilization has forced us to regulate water with chemicals such as chlorine, lye and fluoride which are not beneficial to the body.  Learn more about negatively charged water ionizers in the HYDRATE section of this Website.

As you can see all the topics are interconnected and they all have electricity in common.  Let’s tune-in now and learn about specific types of electrical medicine.

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